Vehicle History

A motor vehicle is often the second largest purchase an adult may make in a lifetime, right behind the home they live in. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars, a serious investment in something most people have minimal knowledge about. Few used car buyers are professional mechanics, but everyone who buys a car has to rely on what the current owner tells them about the condition of the vehicle.

There’s an old Russian saying: Trust but Verify. There are very few times in life this saying applies more than when you are buying a used car. The seller has a vested interest in your accepting the deal, of course, so they may decide to exaggerate the condition or history of the vehicle. Past accidents that can damage the frame, history of being in a flood that will cause permanent water damage, recalls on the vehicle that can signify dangerous driving conditions, and even questions about past ownership are all topics that need independent confirmation to find out the truth.

Get Evidence Now have the ability to search the past vehicle owner registration history to find out the story of any car you’re considering buying. As licensed private detectives, we have access to databases that average citizens have trouble finding out about. We can search past insurance claims, find accident reports, look for damage from fire or floods, and find out dishonest practices such as odometer rollbacks. We can even find out if the car has been stolen, used as a police car or taxi cab, or was a fleet vehicle with its attendant high mileage and lack of care. From lemons to Katrina cars, our vehicle registration history search will find out information you need to make an informed decision before spending thousands of dollars on an almost-new car.