Our surveillance services have always been the best in the business. Our covert professionals are the foundation upon which our company is built, and they’ve dedicated their careers to doing a thorough job for you. Whether you need evidence on a cheating spouse or lover, or legal proof for workers compensation or insurance claims, we will use every legal means necessary to find and record the proof you need. If you have to have evidence that stands up in court, or simply want to ease your mind before making a life decision, our operatives will find the entire story.

When it comes to spousal surveillance, some less thorough investigators rely only on photographic evidence taken from their car window. Our clients know that the best evidence can be found elsewhere, and we have the means to prove it. We use state of the art video equipment, as video evidence is the strongest proof for both court and personal peace of mind. In delicate matters such as cheating spouses, discreet remote surveillance is crucial, and we go the extra mile to ensure the target is unaware of being observed.

Other unusual surveillance jobs are a challenge we’re ready to meet. You may need to know whether adult children are using drugs or in unhealthy relationships, may have questions about current or potential business partners, or are simply applying due diligence before considering a life partner. All these situations are legitimate reasons for hiring our surveillance operatives.

Get Evidence Now, professionals use the best hidden video cameras and long range recording equipment to create the highest quality record for your case. We can monitor internet traffic, home and cell phone calls, trips to public places such as malls or places of work, and even remote rural areas. Our discreet professional private investigators will find the evidence you need and pull together a thorough package that is both accurate and incontrovertible.