Spousal Infidelity Marital Infidelity Investigators in Dothan, Alabama

Is your spouse cheating on you? Do you have the persistent feeling that your husband, wife or partner is hiding things? Nobody wants to believe that their spouse is cheating on them, but the unfortunate fact is that it happens to millions of people each year. Spousal infidelity can occur whether you’ve been married for two months or twenty years and is one of the most devastating and painful things that can happen in a marriage. If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, hiring a private investigator¬†with experience in infidelity investigations can confirm (or put to rest) your suspicions and gather the evidence you need to take the next step.

Signs of Spousal Infidelity

These are some of the most commonly observed signs of a cheating spouse:

  • Creating little fights, or being nicer than usual
  • Complaining about you being too controlling or nosy about their behavior
  • Spending more time at work
  • Giving more attention to grooming and appearance, including upgrading their wardrobe
  • Ignoring you
  • Wanting to know where you are at all times
  • Changing passwords on computers
  • Erased emails and computer history
  • Purchasing a separate cell phone for “work”
  • Not answering phone calls for large chunks of time
  • Going away for new or more work-related trips
  • Lying about other, unrelated issues
  • Becoming defensive about multiple small issues
  • Refusing to talk about simple subjects such as their work day

About Spousal Infidelity Investigations

Spousal infidelity investigations are among the most intricate and personal cases that a private investigator can undertake. Emotions are running high, and quite often marriages and families hinge on the outcome of the investigation. Our licensed private investigators have decades of experience handling spousal infidelity cases. We are experienced, professional, and most important of all, discreet. Although each case is different, a spousal infidelity investigation may include:

If you suspect that your husband, wife or partner is cheating, call 334-714-8117 to speak with one of our spousal infidelity investigators.