Personal Security

Bodyguards and personal protection aren’t just for A-list celebrities and elite politicians. Normal, everyday people can be put at risk at any time through no fault of their own, from victims of domestic violence to whistleblowers involved in multi-million dollar court cases. Not every case needs a full-on Secret Service type detail, but there is a correct level of protection for every situation. Our professional operatives have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and determine what actions should be taken to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

We have a professional agent team of VIP escorts who are dedicated to making sure you are safe from rabid fans, the media, or anyone wishing to do you harm due to criminal or business dealings. Personal protection and escort services are a delicate business, and we select only the best operatives to care for your safety. Our team consists of extremely well trained agents who are certified at Law Enforcement level to carry and competently use the X26 Taser. These agents are former police officers and U.S.. military special forces operatives. Their many years of experience in the field allows them to calm down potential violent situations and to recognize and neutralize any potential threats.

We offer a completely comprehensive security package, depending on the type of threat you have to deal with. Your VIP escort security service and professional protection team may include an organized scheduled limousine service including a trained driver, personal security agents to guard you or loved ones, or simply an escorted security service for delivering valuables of any kind from one location to another. Our situational assessment will suggest the proper layers of security you may need.

You deserve to have peace of mind and a feeling of security in your daily dealings. If you feel threats to your person, your family, your belongings, or your business, our professional team can provide the services to set your mind at ease and to safely get you through your day.