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Insurance fraud is rampant these days, and personal injury claims make up a great portion of an insurance company’s cases in any given month. Slip-and-fall, defective product, pets, negligence to property, and food-borne illness are just some of the many ways in which people can claim personal injury and sue you for monetary damages or make a claim on an insurance policy. Some cases are cut and dried, with many witnesses and a party clearly at fault. Most of them, though, have gray areas when it comes to finding fault, and that’s where a licensed private detective can come in. Our operatives will investigate all aspects of a personal injury claim to determine the fault of the claim, and even if an injury has occurred in the first place.

Witness statements are an important part of any personal injury claim case. Our operatives will discover and interview any possible witness to the inciting incident. Even if a witness claimed not to have seen anything, it’s important to get a statement from that person. This ensures that the opposing parties can never get hold of the witness and twist their testimony, coaching them toward a statement that’s more favorable to their side of the case. Our operatives will record potential witness interview statements in a number of different ways, including recorded telephone interviews, interviews on videotape, and signed witness statements. Each case required a different type of evidence, and our detectives have the knowledge and experience to know which one is best for your case.

Beyond witness statements, we will uncover evidence using other, more direct, methods. In the case of personal injury claims, we can discreetly follow claimants to discover whether they truly are injured, taking photographs or videotaping the subject in action. Our operatives use state of the art equipment, including discreet body cameras, long distance surveillance, and audio recording equipment used to preserving public statements. Often just following the claimant on their daily rounds may uncover enough evidence to close a case. If an injured person is going dancing or hiking, spending time in a strenuous workout, or shoveling their walk after a bad snowstorm, that may be enough to prove they’re not as injured as they claim.

If someone has sued you for personal injury, or if your company has insured someone who has made a claim, you have the right to investigate this person to the fullest extent of the law. You have the right to determine whether or not they truly are injured in the manner they claim. You can’t photograph them inside their private home, but most actions they take outside the home are fair game. Our licensed private detectives know what the law allows in these cases, and will work to provide you with a complete report covering the truth of the matter.

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Our private investigators are licensed in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas and have successfully investigated personal injury claims for clients throughout the southeastern United States.

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