Notary Public Documents Notarized in Dothan, AL and the Wiregrass Area

As a recognized official with integrity, a licensed notary public is appointed by a probate judge in a certain county, then commissioned as such by the same entity. Their main function is to serve as an impartial witness to events that may have legal ramifications at some time in the future. In other words, when two or more people enter into a legal agreement, a notary public will witness the signing of all documents, and will certify that everyone there signed as they claim they did.

A notary public is responsible for screening all parties that sign the document. He has to determine the identity of all signers, usually by checking their photo identification. He also must determine whether each party is signing willingly and not being coerced, and that each one knows the importance and meaning of the document being signed. The notary should make sure that each signer is in the right state of mind to sign legal documents, and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Notaries public will witness a surprising variety of transactions, including some of the most life-changing documents an adult will deal with. Among some of the work a notary will be involved with are:

  • Real estate contract signings and closings
  • Signing of medical release forms
  • Signing of legal documents and contracts
  • Estate planning and trust account contract agreements
  • Signing of witness statements for court cases
  • Signatures on a marriage license

Notaries take an oath to be impartial in all legal dealings, and to refuse to take on any case in which they have an interest in one party or another. They are never allowed to discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or political leanings when choosing whether or not to accept someone as a client. As a figure who stands up for the concept of fairness and impartiality, a notary public can never officiate at any event where his self-interest would come into question, such as for relatives or work colleagues.

These days contracts between strangers are common, and business transactions rarely take place between two people who really know each other. The use of a notary public creates a trust that the document being signed is authentic, and the agreement being entered into by both parties will be kept. Without the ability to trust a third-party notary public, many of the sensitive documents of business and law would be almost impossible to sign and use. The agreement to trust in notaries public allows strangers to believe in the reliability of the contracts they are signing, both in the intent of the signers and the legality of the document itself.

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