Internet Monitoring

Current court cases have emphasized the trouble with employers monitoring workplace computers and individuals checking information on the web in illegal manners. There is a delicate balance between your right to know and someone else’s right to privacy, and the law is very clear on which side professionals should operate. On the other hand, if a computer is in your home and is your personal possession, you have every right to monitor what goes on with your machine when you’re not around.

With the high volume of internet usage today, computer monitoring is a crucial part of any investigation involving family members, such as questions of infidelity or problems with children. Our professional detective team has the training and experience to do a thorough internet search and set up monitoring devices to get you the answers you need.

Our trained investigators will work in the background, discreetly discovering evidence about your spouse’s activities. With the information in hand, you can make more informed life decisions without creating a scandal. You will know who your spouse is communicating with, what they’re talking about, and how often they stay in contact. Even if your spouse is being faithful to you, finding out the truth can set your mind at ease and remove a large cause for worry in your life.

Parents with school-age children are in a difficult position today. Most schools require students to do at least some research on the internet, as well as writing papers and sometimes even joining in online discussion groups. More and more, children use the internet as an important part of their social life, as well. The problems start when a parent suspects her child of breaking laws, taking part in bad behavior, or even being the victim of a predator. Internet monitoring can uncover evidence of drug use, bullying, improper relationships, and dangerous plans to meet with strangers. Some parents even tell their children that all activity on the home computers will be monitored. This may discourage children to avoid the illicit behavior, or it may simply encourage them to go online somewhere else. Each parent needs to decide the correct method herself, but both options have advantages.

Internet monitoring isn’t the ideal solution for all problems. In the case of suspected infidelity, there are other steps to take by observing behavior, checking cell phone messages and photos, and verifying statements. When other clues all point in the wrong direction, monitoring the computer may be the logical next step. The same goes for parents with children who are engaged in suspicious activities. Talking is always the best first step, but finding out a problem exists is always better than ignoring it. Our licensed private detectives are prepared to do just that.