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The person you just interviewed for a position at your company seems perfect for the job, but does he really have the experience and education he claims to have? The young woman who answered your ad for a nanny seems like a godsend. She’s sweet, educated, and your kids have taken to her like a duck to water, but what do her previous employers really think of her? Has a child ever been injured while in her care? This is critical information that you can’t know simply by meeting and talking with someone. Background checks can provide you with the information you need to assure yourself that the people in positions of trust in your life are who and what they claim to be.

Our licensed private investigators have over 20 years of experience conducting background checks and have access to specialized search engines and multiple databases that no private citizen can access. We will check property ownership, criminal records, social media activity, driving records, property and other asset records, and the existence of any civil actions current or in the past. Whether you’re looking into a potential employee, life partner, or business partner, we will develop a specialized background search to discover all the necessary information you need in order to make an informed life decision.

A Quick Word About Online Background Check Services

Most online background check services provide inaccurate and incomplete data, doing nothing more than scratch the surface with automated searches through already freely available online public record sources. Worse yet, many of them simply buy old, outdated information and re-sell it to you at inflated costs. Something else to consider is that most online background check services have no way for you to verifiy the validity of the information you find, something that is especially important if you want to use the information in a court case.

Unlike online background check services, our background checks are done by experienced investigators, not databases. We dig deep, bringing all of our considerable resources to bear, and verify all of the information we collect to ensure that it is accurate and current. After conducting a thorough, verified background check, your investigator will discuss the results with you and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

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  • Statewide background checks throughout Alabama
  • Nationwide background checks on anyone in the U.S.

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