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Professional asset searches are designed to go deeper than the usual internet search most people can do for free. Our asset search specialists are trained to locate hidden assets and dig out pertinent information, giving you the ammunition needed to win judgments and recover lost assets. We do not profit from those who aren’t proficient in internet searches, selling information that’s readily available to the general public. We will dig out the truth and inform you whether it’s worth your valuable time and money to chase a debtor with no means to pay.

Every state has some type of collection procedure, designed to procure the assets due you after a judgment has been rendered. Unfortunately, the states aren’t equipped to handle cases where debtors have hidden assets. They don’t have the tools to find what you are owed, and so their hands are tied when it comes to enforcing their own rulings. Our licensed private investigators have the knowledge and expertise to dig out hidden assets anywhere in this country, and to give you the most up-to-date information on your subject.

Our clients can’t afford to spend money on trivial information. They expect the highest quality of searching, and we provide that for them. Our asset search services are invaluable to agencies and individuals alike. Our past asset search clients include::

  • Small and medium businesses looking to collect money on an outstanding debt
  • Collection agencies trying to consolidate information on debtors, aiming to collect funds for their own clients who have turned the debt over to them
  • Attorneys attempting to determine assets as ammunition in various court cases, both civil and criminal
  • Asset recovery specialists, who will track down assets and bring them back for clients once their location is known
  • Individuals going to court in an attempt to collect judgments against businesses and other people

In a world where television shows, movies, and even the internet can teach almost anyone how to successfully hide assets, an average search will never uncover the information you really need to know. You need professional asset searchers who are experienced in digging below the surface, going beyond basic internet trolling, and doing inventive, creative searches with imagination to ferret out assets hidden under other names and in other states. Our licensed private investigators are prepared to provide just that service, helping you to get the equity you deserve.

For information about our local, state and nationwide asset search services, please call us at 334-714-8117.

Our experienced investigators and asset search specialists are licensed in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. Through our extensive network of resources and associates, we are able to conduct asset searches throughout the country.

Some of the cities we serve include:

  • Dothan, AL
  • Eufala, AL
  • Troy, AL
  • Dawson, GA
  • Fort Rucker, AL
  • Panama City, FL
  • Birmingham, AL
  • New Brockton, AL
  • Daleville, AL
  • Destin, FL
  • Albany, GA
  • Callaway, GA
  • Enterprise, AL
  • Bainbridge, GA
  • Tuskegee, AL
  • Crestview, FL
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Ozark, AL
  • Niceville, FL
  • Springfield, FL