Private Investigation Services

All of our private investigators are experienced professionals and have been serving Dothan, AL and the Wiregrass area for over twenty years. We provide discreet, professional investigative services throughout the southeastern United States and have associates nationwide. If you have a problem and you think you may need a private investigator, call us at 334-714-8117 – we are always willing to discuss your problem with you at no cost.

We offer a wide range of private investigative services, including:

Accident Investigation

Being involved in a fatal or near-fatal car accident will inevitably lead you to criminal court, civil court, or both. Basing your defense solely on your personal recollections is likely to result in you losing your case. Our licensed, professional investigators have the knowledge, experience, and insight to conduct a thorough accident investigation on your behalf. They find the missing details about your accident and provide proof of your innocence that will stand up in court.

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Asset Searches

Professional asset searches are designed to go deeper than the usual internet search most people can do for free. Our our asset search specialists are trained to locate hidden assets and dig out pertinent information, giving you the ammunition needed to win judgments and recover lost assets.

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Background Checks

Our licensed private investigators have over 20 years of experience conducting background checks and have access to specialized search engines and multiple databases that no private citizen can access. We will check property ownership, criminal records, social media activity, driving records, property and other asset records, and the existence of any civil actions current or in the past.

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Counter Surveillance

We employ the most advanced technology to find and deal with any counter surveillance monitoring devices in your environment. We can find miniaturized video cameras, wireless microphones, GPS trackers, recording equipment, and many other types of monitoring technology. If there is a way to spy on you, we have the way to find it and put it out of business.

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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has a wide range of business and personal uses. Our private investigators use GPS tracking in situations where physically following a person or item is neither possible nor sensible. Once a GPS tracking device is set to record data at regular intervals, it will tell our investigators exactly where a person or object is, day or night.

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Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent insurance claims in the United States cost insurance companies over $80 billion per year – and that figure is rising quickly. Tens of thousands of insurance fraud cases are investigated each year, and an unknown larger number exist that haven’t been caught. The criminals who perpetrate insurance fraud are technologically sophisticated and extremely difficult for insurance companies and self-insurers to catch in the act.

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Internet Monitoring

With the high volume of internet usage today, computer monitoring is a crucial part of any investigation involving family members, such as questions of infidelity or problems with children. Our professional detective team has the training and experience to do a thorough internet search and set up monitoring devices to get you the answers you need.

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Missing Person Locator

If a loved one has gone missing, you don’t want to wait until they have been gone long enough for law enforcement to declare them officially missing. You want them found as quickly as possible and before anything bad can happen to them. Unlike the police, a private investigator can begin looking for a missing person right away. A private investigator won’t file a missing persons investigation away as a cold case when leads dry up – they are dogged, determined, and will keep looking until they find that person.

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Notary Public

A notary public’s main function is to serve as an impartial witness to events that may have legal ramifications at some time in the future. In other words, when two or more people enter into a legal agreement, a notary public will witness the signing of all documents, and will certify that everyone there signed as they claim they did.

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Personal Injury Claims

Slip-and-fall, defective product, and negligence to property are just some of the many ways in which people can claim personal injury and sue you for monetary damages or make a claim on an insurance policy. Our agents will investigate all aspects of a personal injury claim to determine the fault of the claim, and even if an injury has occurred in the first place.

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Personal Security

While not every case needs a full-on Secret Service type detail, there is a correct level of protection for every situation. Our professional security agents are former law enforcement and U.S. military special forces. They have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and determine what actions should be taken to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

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Service of Process

Our certified legal process servers provide in-person delivery of many types of legal documents throughout Alabama, including injunctions, subpoenas, orders to show cause, summonses, notices of hearings, divorce papers, eviction notices, and more.

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Spousal Infidelity

Spousal infidelity can occur whether you’ve been married for two months or twenty years and is one of the most devastating and painful things that can happen in a marriage. If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, hiring a private investigator with experience in infidelity investigations can confirm (or put to rest) your suspicions and gather the evidence you need to take the next step.

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Our surveillance services have always been the best in the business and the foundation upon which our company is built. Whether you need evidence on a cheating spouse or lover, or legal proof for workers compensation or insurance claims, we use every legal means necessary to find and record the proof you need.

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Vehicle History

Know exactly what you are getting before you buy a used vehicle. We can search past insurance claims, find accident reports, look for damage from fire or floods, and find out dishonest practices such as odometer rollbacks. We can even find out if the car has been stolen, used as a police car or taxi cab, or was a fleet vehicle with its attendant high mileage and lack of care.

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Witness Statements

Our investigators have the training and experience to know how to conduct a witness interview to elicit the most favorable responses. By narrowing the focus of the interview, an investigator can provide a document that offers evidence to enhance your court case without adding contradictory statements.

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