How can I keep track of my children when they are away from home? Is it possible to know their location whenever I want to?

Yes. Being professionals in the field, it is very easy for us to maintain surveillance on a child and record physical movements between school, college, friends’ homes, library, malls, movie theaters, and home. We use state of the art equipment to keep an eye on the subject and can give you details about everyone he/she meets on a regular basis. If required, you can even monitor the internet browsing habits of your child. If you need details about friends or secret friends your subject meets on a regular basis or keep a check on his/her relationship status, we can do that too.

What information would I have to share for you to follow someone?

Besides providing us with a recent picture of the subject along with physical description, you would have to give us details about the favorite haunts of the person, such as restaurants, malls, bars, or friends’ houses. If you have information about the subject’s vehicle number and address, we can initially begin tracking from there. Details like cell phone and land line numbers would help us. Our trained professionals will follow the person across rural and urban terrain to obtain the courtroom quality photo/video evidence you require.

How soon can you start an investigation after I share required details with you?

Our investigation process starts within 24 hours of receiving all required information from a client. If surveillance is required on a subject located in a place where we do not field staff, it may take a few more hours to get our operative there. If the investigation requires us to gather necessary authorization forms, we may need a few extra hours or days depending on the situation. We investigate all kinds of claims, locate missing persons, and also help you collect evidence if you feel that you are being framed on a false charge. We understand the importance of immediate action.

What are your charges for basic tracking or shadowing services? Does the cost depend on the details required of the subject’s movement or the duration for which the shadowing is being done?

We charge on a case to case basis depending on the strategies that we need to adopt. In situations where immediate results are needed, we will have to deploy extra manpower and equipment leading to cost escalation. We have a standard budget for general investigation cases, and we can discuss the costs depending on your requirements. All investigation services have to be paid for in advance before we begin our tracking activities. Clients can make payments by the usual modes—cash, check, or money order.

Is my information keep secret?

As investigators, we know how important information is for every individual. We will be doubly careful with your private details and ensure that all the information we gather pertaining to the case are submitted to you. Any details that you share with us to carry out surveillance or checks on a person or persons are held in the strictest of confidence. Since you have placed trust in our ability to fulfill your requirements, you can rest assured that we will never share investigative details with anyone else. Unless you give us permission to share a few details to retrieve more information from the opposite party, we shall not do so.

Do you charge for consultation and advice or is it free?

We do not charge any fee for listening to your case. If you come to us with a problem and we sort it out by discussion and consultation, we do not charge anything for it. If your case requires surveillance or investigation that may verge on the border of illegality, we may have to refuse the case. We will, however, give you friendly advice to help you deal with the the problem.

What if my suspicion is proven to be false? Will I be discovered? (Infidelity)

Since you are trying to confirm your suspicion beyond doubt, you can be regain peace of mind if our investigation proves you wrong. All our investigative services are carried out with absolutely secrecy and if your suspicions are proven wrong, then you need not worry about putting your relationship at risk. If you do not want us to keep the information collected by our staff as a part of our investigation services, we can shred it in your presence so that you do not live under a constant cloud of fear or guilt.

Is it an offense to conduct surveillance on a non-criminal person?

If you have a legitimate reason to conduct surveillance on another person, the situation is absolutely legal. However, recording of audio surveillance may vary depending on the location of the indivduals involved. To conduct surveillance of internet activity, we shall require a legal permit though the service provider. If the person you want to conduct surveillance on is your spouse or child, there are usually no limitations to the devices we can use to record information, as long as it is not being used in a court of law. There are many laws and regulations to follow when it comes to surveillance, whether it be audio, video, internet or simply physically tracking an individual. Make sure you use a professional who is aware of the laws in your area. We are the surveillance specialist!

Is it likely that the suspected cheater will find out that they are being followed?

Absolutely not. With years of experience in investigation and surveillance activities, we are professionals in this field. Our trained specialists are experts and remain covert throughout the investigation procedure, so that the subject never aware of their prescence. We would also request you to avoid suspicious behavior in the presence of the subject under surveillance, be it looking for invisible people behind them or asking leading questions. Until you have evidence in hand, do not confront the individual or threaten him/her at any cost. Never threaten to “Hire an Investigator!”, this only makes the job more difficult.

What types of devices do you use?

Get Evidence Now professionals use the latest surveillance equipment and audio/video devices whenever required to keep tabs on people under investigation. The kind of gadgets that you may have seen in movies, such as small pen-sized cameras, video/audio recording devices, or listening devices, are part of our surveillance paraphernalia. We love the latest gadgets so rest assured, they are a a part of our arsenal. As a part of our investigation, we also use the latest GPS devices with real time monitoring and professional grade internet monitoring software.

What type of evidence will I receive when this is over?

Depending on your requirement, we shall present you with all evidence collected by our field agents as a part of the surveillance and investigation procedure. If you require photographs and/or video of the person or persons the subject is meeting along with details of conversation if available. If you require documentary evidence along with photographs, we shall provide the same to you and we often back this up with Court appearances to validate the information provided.

Can you tell if someone is tracking me?

Yes! With our experience in surveillance, we can easily find out if you are being physically followed wherever you go. If you suspect existence of surveillance or monitoring equipment around you, then call us, and our experts have the technology to find out if hidden cameras or listening equipment are anywhere in your home, office, telephone, or on your electronic equipment like computers and laptops.