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A study by NamUS reveals that over 600000 people go missing in the United States every year. However, more unfortunate is that mostly 3/4th of all the missing persons are children. In the state of Alabama, there are 202 missing persons as of 2022. But, the jarring statistics stated above do not necessarily include every missing person case. More often than not, an adult or teenager runs away from home without anyone reporting it to the police or authorities. They vanish into thin air, and sometimes, nobody hears from them again.

Although missing persons are usually found by law enforcement officers, friends, family members, or other concerned citizens, it is sometimes imperative to hire professionals. When you report a person missing, the law enforcement officers take over and begin investigations. However, the official designation of a missing person varies from state to state and municipality to municipality. At times, the situation may be as bleak as an inability to file a missing complaint report for an adult as they are considered autonomous citizens with the ability to make their own decisions. Likewise, in other scenarios, authorities only begin their search after a certain waiting period. Lastly, it is no secret when we mention that lack of workforce and other unavoidable factors can cause dangerous delays in missing person cases motivated by kidnappings or runaways. Therefore, the last thing anyone would want to do is wait around.

If one of your loved ones has gone missing, do not wait; get in touch with us immediately. We have extensive experience locating lost persons or people who might be avoiding detection. Likewise, if the missing person case of your loved one has gone cold, get in touch with us, as we will leave no stone unturned in offering you closure.


⦁ We have years of experience in missing person cases and have helped thousands of families reunite with their loved ones.

⦁ Our team of adept professionals gets into work the moment you contact us, and we alert all our sources and informants scattered all over the country to locate your loved one.

⦁ We use high-tech resources and gadgets to fasten the process of locating your loved one. In addition to a skilled workforce, we rely on technology to determine where your near-and-dear one is!

⦁ The most distinctive quality of our investigative services is our humanistic approach to all cases. Unlike law enforcement departments, our professionals know how to lend a sympathetic ear and take into account the hardships of a family with a missing person.

⦁ By opting for our assistance, you are taking back the power in your hands. You do not have to wait for officials to begin their investigation or go through the invalidating gaze of officers who feel that locating your loved one is not worth their time and energy. We alter the scenario by being as dogged as possible to find the missing person.

So, get in touch with us now to locate your loved one.

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If you think you might have seen a missing person, please contact local law enforcement or NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678). You can also visit the NCMEC website to search for missing children and adults.