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How much does it cost to catch a cheater?

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Are you tired of going through their social media or emails just to end up at dead ends? Let’s be honest; although we think that we might catch our significant others in the act, our limited resources will only lead us to feel hurt, confused, and going stir crazy. Finding out how much a private investigator costs can be difficult online. Each situation is unique.

Not only will it leave you feeling like you are crazy, but it will also leave you feeling defeated and exhausted. You aren’t crazy, though; you are on to something. Don’t ever doubt your intuition.

If you are looking for help discovering if your spouse is cheating on you, look no further than this article. Private investigators specialize in finding the information you need to keep your mind at ease. Each situation is unique and the below information is provided only as a general guide.We will go over how much investigators charge for your services and who you can contact for help today!

How Investigators Charge for Services:

People hire private investigators for several different reasons, such as providing surveillance or locating a missing relative. Investigating for cheating is another realm that most private investigators are hired for.

There are three basic ways that private investigators charge for their services: retainers, hourly rates and in some cases, a flat rate. These fees sometimes are accompanied by travel expenses.

Hourly Rates:

The hourly rates that private investigators charge depend on your location and the investigator’s level of expertise. The complexity of your case and the types of services you need to be rendered also affect how much it will cost to hire a private investigator.

These costs tend to fall between $40 to $120 per hour. If you plan on hiring a private investigator for a large number of hours, they may be able to provide you with a discount.

Private Investigator Retainers:

If your case involves an ongoing and extensive investigation, the investigator may ask for an upfront retainer. Most investigators ask for retainers for child custody, child support, and infidelity cases. Depending on how much work your case needs, you can expect to pay around $1,500 upfront before they can get started.

Flat Rate:

There is a chance that your investigator will only charge you a flat rate for their service on your case. An investigation firm typically charges a flat rate for one-time effort type of searches such as a background check or a document search. Most companies charge you around $100 to conduct these searches.

Options for finding the right Private Investigator:

Before you hire a private investigator, it is essential to research the investigator and their company. You should schedule an initial consultation to make sure that they are a good fit for you and your needs. You also want to make sure that you work with a company that handles your types of cases.

For example, if you are looking for an investigator specializing in infidelity cases but only when combined with child custody investigations, it may be time to look into other firms. Most consultations are free, but other companies charge a small fee for an initial consultation. Our agency offers FREE consultations!

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Comparing Private Investigator costs:

Once you have found a few investigators you want to work with, you can compare their costs. Make sure that you think about your budget and how much you can afford to spend for the investigation. Trying to pick the lowest-priced investigating firm may not be in your best interest, but that does not mean that the most expensive firm is any better. Make sure to do your research on each firm to ensure that they are both affordable and capable of producing the results you need.

Private Investigator Rate Factors:

A few factors may influence how much your investigator charges you to handle your case, such as their reputation and travel fees. As mentioned earlier, investigators have several ways that they charge you for their services. They also may add on additional factors that can increase your overall cost.

Travel Fees

If your investigator needs to travel to a different state or city, they will add a travel fee to your service. Some investigators charge between $0.44 to $0.65 per mile. You may need to reimburse your investigator for any gas mileage, plane tickets, train tickets, or other modes of transportation used to investigate your case.

Number of Investigators required:

If you have a complicated investigation and you hired a private investigator firm, you may have more than one investigator on your case. If you have more than one detective, you will have to pay for that other detective’s additional costs and fees as well. This is often times required when the client must have the details ASAP such as a 24 hour surveillance job.

Reputation and Expertise:

Private investigator firms that have been in business for several years and have an excellent reputation will most likely cost more than the average firm. As mentioned earlier, high-costing firms do not mean that they are the better option.

It is always best to research the types of cases these firms handle and their customer service reviews. Detectives who have a background in law enforcement or intelligence will likely charge more than an investigator with less experience.  We have been in business for over 25 years!  Read more about us.

Why Hire a PI?

Hiring a private investigator is worth the cost and the peace of mind. These detectives have the proper training and the skills to obtain the necessary information on your behalf. Regardless if you are looking to hire a private investigator for business or personal reasons, it is always best to have this professional on your side.

Reasons to hire private investigators:
  • Testify in court on their findings
  • Look for a missing person
  • Uncover fraud
  • Investigate cheating allegations
  • Gather facts for custody cases

A private investigator can ensure a thorough investigation without directly involving you in their work. You no longer have to go around snooping through social media to find information.

You also do not need to concern yourself with communicating with suspicious people. Hiring a private investigator creates a safe environment for you and your loved ones, leaving you out of the drama and possible direct threats.

Hire the Best Private Investigators

No one likes to spend their days aimlessly wondering if their spouse is cheating on them, so it is best to partner with reputable private investigators.

Your detective will do the groundwork needed to confirm whether or not your partner is not faithful to you. Keep you and your loved ones safe from the drama and allow a professional to take the lead.

For more information on hiring a private investigator, contact us now. Our firm specializes in proving partner infidelity.

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