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Top signs your partner is Cheating

As a group of Licensed Alabama Private Investigators, our team has investigated our fair share of accused cheating investigations. If you suspect that your spouse could be cheating, opening a cheating spouse investigation with the help of a private investigator can be an eye-opening way to learn more about your spouse’s activities when they leave the house.

Finding a qualified private investigator near me in Alabama can verify your partner’s activities and relieve or verify your suspicions.

Here are some of the top signs that your partner could be cheating from the experiences of our private eye services:

Your partner has changed their routine or appearance considerably:

When people undergo a major makeover in their life it’s often when they start a new relationship. If your partner has experienced some drastic changes physically, they are wearing clothes that are very different from their regular style, grooming more often, just a general change in appearance, it could be a sign that they are seeing someone else.

Hiding finances:

If your partner is spending longer hours working or a new credit card or account, this could be a sign that they are withdrawing cash for activities behind your back. Having to work longer hours and hiding various finances can be the sign that they are spending their money on someone else or in a new relationship. Working with a private investigator in Alabama can be a great way for you to uncover hidden assets and find out if they are keeping funds out of your sight.

Unusual texting:

If you find your partner regularly texting in a separate room or you discover that they have an extra phone, there’s a chance that they could be involving themselves in some form of affair. You may also notice that they quickly dismiss or ignore a text when in your presence. A private investigator will be able to determine more about these unusual habits or potentially help you to discover who they are texting with safely and most importantly, legally.

More emotional outbursts:

Emotional outbursts or extreme moodiness often comes as a result of a person that’s being unfaithful. They may be feeling guilty about their own behavior or simply looking for a reason to “justify” their own actions. At times, they may create an argument to justify leaving the house for some “time away”. These emotional outbursts and moodiness can sometimes turn on your family and if your partner is starting to become more accusatory or starting fights more often, there’s a chance that they could be feeling guilty for their activities.

You’ve got a strong hunch they are not committed to you:

One of the things that we hear most often as private investigators in Alabama during our infidelity cases is that a spouse is absolutely convinced that their partner is cheating. This is not always the case, there are many reasons for these behaviors we list here, they do not mean that your spouse is cheating.

Infidelity investigations with a private investigator can uncover the facts with a set of expert eyes that are not connected to your relationship. Working with a private investigator can help to confirm your suspicions or uncover the true evidence of why your partner has been distant lately.

If you’ve got a strong hunch that your partner is no longer committed to you or that they could be behaving unfaithfully, contact our private investigators in Alabama today and we can begin your infidelity investigation today

Placing you

This is a difficult one and really can mean the exact opposite of a cheating spouse. Does he or she call or text you unusually? Perhaps casually asks where you are or what your planned activities are? Maybe even seems to be a bit too concerned where you will be for the near future? This could simply be the chit chat of a loving spouse and only you can know if this is unusual.

Private Investigators call this “placing”. Your spouse wants to verify your current location and your planned activities so he/she will know where you are during their nefarious activities.

Again, these behaviors do not mean your spouse is cheating, these are simply signs put together through the years that may indicate infidelity.

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