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Why you need to monitor your internet

Dependency on the internet has grown immensely in today’s world. Almost everything is connected to the web. ‘The internet of things’ has given a line of connectivity to every human online to share their thoughts and actions. It was mere science less than fifty years. It is truly an exciting phase in the evolution of technology and has given every human being access to large amounts of information, products and services. As with any great development, there will innovations towards the qualitative improvements to life, making things more within the reach of everyone and there will also be those who use it solely for personal gains.

Among the first steps that the ‘internet of things’ brought to existence was the ability to transact messages and money through the web. This brought quick payments and instant transfer of messages world over. Every organization has since, reduced its usage of paper, and has kept all documentation as soft copies, in computers and cyber vaults. Just like any other storage options, these can also be opened and misused, with the application of the right kind of skill.

Attacks on Privacy and Identity Theft
Think now for a moment what would happen if someone has full access to the computer in your home. Every e-mail, every bank transaction, every photograph and every document, now visible to a third person. Even deleted file can be recovered in whole. Identity theft gets very easy if a person has access to this kind of information.

Malicious software is the term that is used to describe any software that will install itself onto your computer, not showing itself in any way, making copies of every activity and sending it to other servers. When this is done, the person on the other end does not even need to break into secure password protection, he/she will have open access to the computer under attack.

What You Can Do
If you are feel that you are under some kind of attack from cyber criminals or if you suspect that you are being monitored by someone, you can put your mind at ease by hiring professionals who specialize in counter surveillance. They can go through your computer, your internet and your phone, look for any such worms, surveillance programs as well as bugs and have them removed. They can also be blocked in the future. It is also possible to identify the person involved in these activities by tracking their origins.

Apart from securing your identity and and your privacy, you can monitor the internet activities of your home network for suspicious actions of family members and children. Children, especially are highly active online and can be a victim to the many potential threats and dangers from online predators and unsavory websites. They can be monitored by you till they are old enough to be able to understand the importance of being careful with the internet. You can also educate them about being the various ways of being safe online.