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What is Counter Surveillance and how does it work?

In this day and age, feeling watched is a feeling that cannot really be avoided. There are countless cameras pointing to all directions,silently observing, sometimes taking pictures of everything and everyone withing its view. Now that the government can ‘legally analyze’ your phone conversations, this feeling is hard to shake off.

There are however, people, often with nefarious motives, who are actively spied on by either the government or other private agencies. They can be corporate whistle-blowers or those who are being searched for by disruptive groups. It is no secret that even common thieves will first study the house thoroughly before attempting a robbery. If you feel like you are under surveillance, or if you know that you are under watch, how can you defend your privacy?

Counter surveillance
A person or a household, a target of a surveillance, can be watched or recorded in various ways, both with fixed and moving devices. Agencies specialized in surveillance may have teams of agents watching, listening and making note of almost every move that their target makes, in the house, in the office or even while traveling. It can be next to impossible to get away from their eyes. These kind of operations require a level of funding, personnel, technology and training that only the government can afford. For local operatives, all of it may not be possible, so their tracking will normally be limited to the use of:

  • Video cameras
  • Listening devices
  • GPS trackers
  • Still cameras
  • Physical surveillance

These methods may be employed one after the other or can be used at the same time. The first step in using any of these is awareness. Camera detectors, are simple and effective in locating cameras that can be embedded in any surface. They are designed specifically to locate and, in some cases disable hidden cameras. Bug detectors can locate radio frequencies by checking their transmissions. Along these lines are audio jammers, which emit noises at certain frequencies that disable microphones or hamper their audio quality. These devices are simple enough and can be picked up from any radio store. Knowing where to look, is not something that your untrained eyes can do correctly.

Other methods of surveillance like GPS tracking, physical spying and cameras pointed in your direction are much harder to counter. These require the services of professional counter surveillance providers. They are the ones that have the skill and technology to overcome these attacks on your privacy. Agencies that run private investigations and provide surveillance normally offer counter surveillance. It will do you good to have a professional handle these things. They can even perform effective sweeps over your property, cars, phones, bicycles and even clothes, at times. If you are being watched, they can surely identify the instances of privacy invasion.