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Hiring a Private Investigator to prove Infidelity

Infidelity in marriage is the leading cause for separation and divorce today. There are many ways to confront a cheating spouse or infidelity in marriage, but not all of them can be conclusive in terms of evidence. Unless there is real proof, it is not possible to get a separation or divorce based on grounds of infidelity. Direct confrontation may work and the cheating spouse may break down and confess, but this is not a sure fire method. In fact, it may put the cheating party on high alert.

Getting incriminating information from a person who is not willing to give in and is ready to deny facts can be doubly difficult. If you do have concrete reasons to suspect your spouse and if you notice concerning signs, it will do you good to first speak to a private investigator with experience in spousal infidelity investigations. Here are a few reasons why:

You Cannot Put All the Time and Effort Needed to Collect Information

If you are employed, and have a family to look after, you will not have the time required for surveillance activities. Spending long hours tailing your spouse, trying to prove cheating is not something that you can do. The time and the effort needed for a stake out, for example cannot be handled by just anyone. It can also be illegal to do so if you are not licensed.

Private Investigators Have the Necessary Skills and Tools

Sure, you have watched many movies and TV shows detailing methods used by investigators and they seem simple enough. Just follow a person around and click some pictures right? You should know that a PI has a certain set of tools and techniques, experience and has undergone a lot of training. Private Investigators use plenty of technology-aided and highly specialized methods to track, investigate and get proof of misdeeds. This can involve financial investigations, photo and video coverage and sometimes even getting into private web histories of the person being investigated.

Physical Evidence Permissible in Court

If you do plan to get a divorce from your cheating spouse, then the evidence provided by a PI can be used as legal ammunition by your attorney. This will strengthen your case and help you get a clean separation and possibly the best deal out of it for you. There have been instances where the PI has been called to testify in court.

Professional Way to Handle Messy Situations

If you are the person being cheated on, or if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you may get very emotional. This may cause you to lose subjectivity and it is not easy to get solid evidence in such state of mind. It is better to hire a PI who can provide proof or quash your doubts before a confrontation and the messy situation that will follow it.

You should speak to a PI before bringing this matter up to your spouse and make sure that he/she is completely unaware of it. Lastly, see to it that your doubts are reasonable and your spouse is actually at fault.