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It is legal to track my spouse?

Every relationship is based on mutual trust, but when that trust is broken it can lead to stress and mental torture for all concerned. A marriage relationship, which should have the strongest bond of trust of all, can break down when a spouse cheats on the other. Read more about our article Track Your Spouse.

Hurt, Anger, and Loss of Trust

Sometimes, if one spouse is forgiving enough and the cheater is truly repentant, the marriage can stay intact to provide a secure home to children. However, trust may still be non-existent. Try to be discreet when you investigate your spouse on your own, as it can lead to hurt, anger and a lot of other emotions you would rather avoid. Though you may never face court if caught in the act of investigating your spouse, be prepared for some unpleasant consequences.

Legal Issues

Since the investigation is being conducted on a spouse or partner based on a valid suspicion, it will not be considered illegal. Internet Monitoring, tracking, and various other techniques may be used under certain circumstances. It is imperative that you are aware of the laws in your area. Our investigators are experts in this area. Please ensure you consult with a professional before employing these types of tactics on your own!

Private investigators can utilize all kinds of surveillance techniques when trying to gather information about a possibly cheating partner. Some surveillance methods may be used for your own peace of mind. At other times, it may be required as proof and evidence in a court of law. It is best to concentrate on gathering evidence that can be presented in court to prove the guilt of a cheating partner instead of worrying about personal satisfaction or revenge.

Destruction of Evidence

If the private investigator hired by you is professional and does not provide any evidence to corroborate your suspicions, then your spouse is almost assuredly honest and faithful. Under these circumstances, you should destroy all evidence that has been collected during the investigation process to ensure that the information is not later misused. You can rest assured that any information we have collected during the process will never be available to anyone outside our organization.

Hire Experienced and Trained Investigators

If the investigator is experienced and properly trained, he/she will be able to collect evidence in a discreet manner without being discovered. You should make sure you hire a person of repute. Otherwise, it may alert your spouse if he/she is cheating and they may cover their tracks or try some other tactic to remove suspicion. Give all the required details and share as much information as possible about your spouse with the private investigator. They will decide the best methods possible to find the evidence you require.

Be Prepared for the Truth

While the private investigator is checking on your spouse’s activities, make yourself mentally prepared to accept the results, whether positive or negative. It may be difficult for you to face that person in the future. You should decide on your plan of action if your suspicions are proven right. Whether you decide to end matters through divorce, or in an amicable manner by continuing the marriage with a fresh start, you need to start considering your game plan.

If you think your spouse or partner may be cheating, a private investigator can confirm (or put to rest) your concerns and help you gather the evidence you need to take your next steps. We have over 20 years of experience investigating cheating partners and spousal infidelity. For a consultation, please call 334-714-8117.