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If you are are not sure about hiring a private investigator to watch your spouse, track your child or loved one; One thing is for sure, it is likely to be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. If you are searching for a lost loved one, family or just an old friend, these situations can be likewise very stressful.

We handle these situations privately, discreetly and most importantly…within the limits of the law. We are legally licensed to operate as an Investigative Agency. Our professionals have many years of experience and come from backgrounds of Military and Law Enforcement service.

Owner, Bill Robison, has over 25 years of professional investigative experience. As a Alabama native and Dothan Private Investigator, he understands that each situation is unique and has the knowledge to to handle your situation.

Providing professional and reliable investigative services to the people, attorneys, politicians and businesses throughout the Wiregrass for 25+ years.

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Located in Dothan, Alabama, Robison Legal Services is a full service licensed private investigation agency that has served the Wiregrass area for more than twenty five years. We provide discreet, professional, and reliable investigative services to private individuals, attorneys, corporations, insurance companies and government agencies.


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A study by NamUS reveals that over 600000 people go missing in the United States every year. However, more unfortunate is that mostly 3/4th of all the missing persons are children. In the state of Alabama, there are 202 missing persons as of 2022. But, the jarring statistics stated above do not necessarily include every … Continue reading LOCATE MISSING PERSONS IN ALABAMA

Cheating Husband Tracker – The ultimate solution

Infidelity can have devastating consequences for one or even both partners involved in a marital relationship. In addition, more often than not, the repercussions of adultery transcend to impact the friends, family, and children of the coupled concerned. Infidelity investigation may sound outrageous, but trust us when we say that it has saved hundreds of … Continue reading Cheating Husband Tracker – The ultimate solution

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    Yes. Being professionals in the field, it is very easy for us to maintain surveillance on a child and record physical movements between school, college, friends’ homes, library, malls, movie theaters, and home. We use state of the art equipment to keep an eye on the subject and can give you details about everyone he/she meets on a regular basis. If required, you can even monitor the internet browsing habits of your child. If you need details about friends or secret friends your subject meets on a regular basis or keep a check on his/her relationship status, we can do that too.

    Besides providing us with a recent picture of the subject along with physical description, you would have to give us details about the favorite haunts of the person, such as restaurants, malls, bars, or friends’ houses. If you have information about the subject’s vehicle number and address, we can initially begin tracking from there. Details like cell phone and land line numbers would help us. Our trained professionals will follow the person across rural and urban terrain to obtain the courtroom quality photo/video evidence you require.

    Our investigation process starts within 24 hours of receiving all required information from a client. If surveillance is required on a subject located in a place where we do not field staff, it may take a few more hours to get our operative there. If the investigation requires us to gather necessary authorization forms, we may need a few extra hours or days depending on the situation. We investigate all kinds of claims, locate missing persons, and also help you collect evidence if you feel that you are being framed on a false charge. We understand the importance of immediate action.

    We charge on a case to case basis depending on the strategies that we need to adopt. In situations where immediate results are needed, we will have to deploy extra manpower and equipment leading to cost escalation. We have a standard budget for general investigation cases, and we can discuss the costs depending on your requirements. All investigation services have to be paid for in advance before we begin our tracking activities. Clients can make payments by the usual modes—cash, check, or money order.

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