Our Camscura Micro Hidden Camera Enclosure Kit ensures that you have everything you need to provide covert surveillance in your home or office space. The kit includes our best-in-class Camscura Micro black box hidden camera, Smoke Detector Enclosure, and a 32GB MicroSD Card with adapter, all for a discounted rate when purchased together.

The Camscura Micro Hidden Camera is a battery-powered, portable, motion-activated mini black box camera that can be stowed easily inside a wide range of household objects, turning virtually any item into a covert camera. It records vivid 1280 x 720 HD video and operates in both day and night lighting conditions, ensuring that you always get the footage you need to protect whatever you value most.

The Smoke Detector Enclosure looks exactly like a smoke detector, and because it's custom built to the size specifications of the Camscura Micro, the camera can be concealed seamlessly inside it. The enclosure can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, just like a traditional smoke detector, and is made of hard, sturdy plastic, keeping your hidden camera undetectable. The 32GB microSD card guarantees hours of stored recording that can be easily reviewed on any computer.

Micro Black Box Hidden Camera
Smoke Detector Enclosure Built Specifically for Housing the Camera
Included 32GB Memory Card With Adapter Ensures Maximum Storage