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Yes. In today's world, you can never be too careful. And with today's technology, many of the new cellphones offer this very feature. However, we realize all children may not have cellphones or this technology. Contact us for various methods you can employ to 'keep tabs' on your child of any age.

Please provide us with a recent picture of the subject and a physical description, any known addresses where they may go, vehicle information and a place that we may initially begin tracking. We will obtain courtroom quality video and/or photos of all pertinent activities.

We can usually start within 24 hours. This depends on our current work load and your ability to provide the information needed. Often times, we can start immediately. However, we first need to gather all the facts and authorization forms before we can initialize an investigation.

Before we start on a case, a strategy is established depending on your situation and needs. Once a plan is in place, we can establish a budget. Investigative services are payable in advance of the work being conducted. Payment can be made by cash, check or money order.

Yes, any information submitted to us is held in the strictest of confidence. We will never share your information or details with anyone without your permission.

Yes, you can call us for a free initial consulation. It is important that we understand the details and requirements of your case before offering any rates of service.

Remember that many times you are only confirming your suspicions but it is also true that we are all sometimes wrong. You will have gained peace of mind beyond a shadow of a doubt should your suspicions prove false. Because our services are strictly confidential, you will not have risked sacrificing the relationship if you are wrong.

It is legal given legitimate purposes and the proper license. It is also legal to record conversations in the State of Alabama with at least one parties knowledge to that recording. Many states require all parties to consent to an audio recording.

Our investigations are 100% confidential. Our years of experience as surveillance specialists ensure that our covert activities remain covert. You play a crucial role is these situations! It is important that you do not change your habits or show any signs of knowing the activities of your partner. You may want to confront them with learned information but understand this jeopardizes the entire case. We will discuss with you in detail your role in the surveillance process. Never threaten to "hire an investigator", it will make the job much more difficult.

We use the latest in technology. What may have been 007 gadgets years ago, are now reality. Using the latest technology does make our job somewhat easier but the proper use and background experience are crucial to a successful case. We use the most advanced GPS Tracking devices, video monitoring and photographic devices as well as the latest software for computer and internet monitoring.

We will ensure you have what you need for peace of mind or the evidence needed to support your case in the Court of Law.

Yes! On many occasions, someone is concerned if they are the one being scrutinized. In this case we use our years of experience being the "follower" to watch for the typical signs of someone under observation. We also employ the latest technology to find hidden surveillance devices such as wireless video, gps devices, hidden microphones and recording equipment. If it is available to be used as a tracking device, we can find it! Contact us today with your suspicions and see if we can help.

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