• Is it Illegal to Track or Monitor My Spouse?

    Every relationship in this world is based on mutual trust and when that is broken it leads to stress and mental torture for all concerned. A relationship like marriage which is born out of mutual understanding and trust can break down or get frayed when one partner cheats the other. Sometimes if one spouse is ... Read More →

  • Evolution of Surveillance

    There was a time when surveillance was a practice that involved the physical presence of a person to watch, listen and report their findings to a source. It was the only way to get information about a person without their knowledge and the person spying on the related parties had to be trusted completely. The ... Read More →

  • How do Private Investigators Work?

    Among the most famous of all literary and fictional characters are private investigators. All the way from Sherlock Holmes to Philip Marlowe, they excite and intrigue us in many ways. However, in real life, a private investigator’s life may not be that exciting or dangerous. In fact, the main job of a private investigator is ... Read More →

  • Why You Need to Monitor Your Internet

    Dependency on the internet has grown immensely in today’s world. Almost everything is connected to the web. ‘The internet of things’ has given a line of connectivity to every human online to share their thoughts and actions. It was mere science less than fifty years. It is truly an exciting phase in the evolution of ... Read More →

  • What is Counter Surveillance and How Does it Work?

    In this day and age, feeling watched is a feeling that cannot really be avoided. There are countless cameras pointing to all directions,silently observing, sometimes taking pictures of everything and everyone withing its view. Now that the government can ‘legally analyze’ your phone conversations, this feeling is hard to shake off. There are however, people, ... Read More →

  • Insurance Claims Investigation

    Billions of dollars go out as insurance claims settlements every year and a surprising number of them are not real. Insurance fraud is something that not only criminals but also common, tax-fearing citizens engage in. It is estimated that in the last year alone, nearly 80 billion dollars were paid out to fraudulent claims. It ... Read More →